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FDIC Transaction Account Guarantee Program

Community State Bank of Rock Falls is participating in the FDIC's Transaction Account Guarantee Program. Under that program, through June 30, 2010, all non-interest-bearing transaction accounts are fully guaranteed by the FDIC for the entire amount in the account. Coverage under the Transaction Account Guarantee Program is in addition to and separate from the coverage available under the FDIC's general deposit insurance rules.


ATM Safety Tips

  • Be aware of your surroundings, particularly at night.

  • Consider having someone accompany you when the automated teller machine is used after dark.

  • It is appropriate to politely ask someone who is uncomfortably close to you to step back before you complete your transaction.

  • Refrain from displaying your cash. Pocket it as soon as your transaction is completed. Count the cash later in the safety of your locked car or home.

  • Consider using another automated teller machine or coming back later if you notice anything suspicious. If you are in the middle of a transaction and you notice something suspicious, cancel the transaction, pocket your ATM access device and leave.

  • Go to the nearest public area where people are located if you are followed after making a transaction.

  • Report all crimes to the operator of the automated teller machine or to law enforcement officials immediately.


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